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Mar 26, 2018

Today we look into the sordid story of Ellery Bennet, who followed the idea of "fake it till you make it." After running up a large of debt, partially due to a failed MLM venture, his wife filed for divorce. He then murdered his wife, leaving a total of 5 chilling suicide notes. We discuss the background, the trial, and...

Mar 19, 2018

The Woo Woo Wagon is the show here on Sounds like MLM but ok where we discuss the alternative medicine claims made in the multilevel marking world. It is hosted by Zach Parker and the Woo and Pseudoscience expert Sasha Zazzi.

Today we look into the world of Magic Power Coffee, which you won't believe we aren't making...

Mar 12, 2018

Katie Young and Zach Parker are joined by Stephanie and Mike Lair, owners of Pirl Consumer Advocates. We talk about some of the telltale signs that a company is an MLM. 


If you need to reach out to Mike and Stephanie, you can find them at Pirl Consumer Advocates or on Facebook.


Elle Beau's blog about the...

Mar 6, 2018

Katie Young, Sasha Zazzi, and Zach Parker sit down to discuss the new spiritual MLM Volo. We give our opinions of the founders, his AMA, the products and the advisory board.


Their website is


His AMAs can be found here.

And here.


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