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Aug 1, 2018

Two days late, but we are here! We believe this is a keynote episode for season 2 - everyone who has been approached by a "hunbot" (which we define in the episode for those new to the movement) needs to have a few responses in their arsenal of replies so no one feels obligated to engage in their sales pitches. Sasha and Katie discuss some of the more common manipulative approaches MLM reps may use to guilt you into a sale or joining their team, but they also ensure that the responses they suggest you can use are RESPECTFUL to the rep. It should never be our intention to bully them or go out of our way to hurt them. Most of them are victims of the MLM structure themselves.

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Mar-CATing 101: The Basics of Channeling Your Inner Feline for Marketing Success Before You Vomit on the Carpet (inspired by Donn Mason's 1961 vinyl record "How to Overcome Sales Objections")
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Gilligan's Island Instrumental
"Martinis On Mars," Pond5 Standard Commercial License


Remember to always read the fine print, and don't get scammed!