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Oct 20, 2018

Today Sasha and Katie get POLITICAL! We air our grivences about what's going on in Congress and the White House, HR 3409, and Trump's involvement with a couple MLMs. Listeners, we are all PIONEERS in this fairly new advocacy movement, and we need to RISE UP and stop this administration from allowing the FTC to relax any of its MLM or pyramid scheme laws. This is a very informative episode and WE NEED YOUR HELP in stopping this from happening. They got the pyramid schemes, but we got the guillotine. Off with their heads!

Produced by Sasha Zazzi
IT and Technical Development provided by PDaddy
Advisory Members: Summer Sanders & Ashleigh Walls

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Intro: Ryan Little - "Kick Push"
Bumper 1: Lyrics Born - "Callin' Out"
Bumper 2: Blackalicious - "Paragraph President"
Bumper 3: The Coup - "Laugh, Love, Fuck"
Outro: The Coup - "Guillotine"

All music is coincidentally from Sacramento/Bay Area local artist, so you can tell Sasha obviously picked the music 'cuz she gotta represent her shit