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Jan 31, 2019

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Sasha Zazzi and Katie Young have put together a HUGE episode compiling all lawsuits currently against Lularoe with Becca Peter. Then we get into the nitty gritty of the complaint filed by the Washington Attorney General alleging Lularoe is... a pyramid scheme?! (Well, we'll be damned!) We finish off the episode with Sasha and Lularoe Defective Admin Heather Blithely critically analyzing Lularoe founder Deanne Stidham's tacky and poorly timed "masquerade" ball for her 60th birthday - the day after the pyramid scheme law suit was filed.

This episode goes above and beyond explaining the hot water LLR is in. We've spent hours consulting people, reading articles, recording, and editing. 

Make sure you listen to the episode ALL THE WAY to the end! Sasha made the outro music particularly relevant.

HUGE THANK YOU to BECCA PETER and HEATHER BLITHELY for their research and opinions.

Please join the new defective Facebook group, Defective Detectives 2.0 - the admins there do great work and they are always the first to break LLR news

Check out our episodes last year: The Rise and Fall of Lularoe Part 1 with Roberta Blevins and Part 2 With Courtney Harwood

Business Insider: Washington Attorney General accuses LuLaRoe of operating an illegal 'pyramid scheme' in new lawsuit

Business Insider: LuLaRoe's founder celebrated her birthday with a lavish masquerade party complete with acrobatic dancers and cardboard caricatures of her face while the company faces multiple lawsuits

Shut the Fuck Up Friday

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO SARA RISSI! Thank you for being a true peach of a fan by donating to our Patreon, and make sure you listen to the end!

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