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Nov 14, 2018

Hello, hello, listeners! We missed a week but here we are, ringing your doorbell and knocking on your door like the Avon Lady - well, not exactly like her, because we're bringing this podcast to you instead of make up. This week Katie and Sasha talk about the iconic Avon Lady, their once brilliant advertising, why Avon is crashing (especially in Australia!), and why every seems to love that damn Skin So Soft. (Can we never utter the name of that product again? Please?)

Intro - Ryan Little "Kick Push"
Bumper 1 - Lonely Island ft Kal Penn "Avon Lady"
Bumper 2 - The Feederz - "Avon Lady"
Outro - Baby Ray "Sadie, the Avon Lady"

Cringy Avon Songs and Dances:


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