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Nov 1, 2018

Good evening, boils and ghouls! Hope you are having the time of your LIFE on Halloween because the terrifying content of these stories will make you want to DIE. We certainly got this out on the WITCHING HOUR for all you creepsters staying up late and turning off the porch light. Well kiddies, we've got some content for you. Katie is mysteriously GONE this week, so Summer Sanders, podcast advisor, guest hosts with Sasha, Mistress Host of the Dark, to tell you ALL about the TERRIFYING world of multi-level marketing. Lularoe? Aliens? Lubricant? It's all there. Turn off the lights and grab some headphones - and better get some sleeping pills for the inevitable nightmares you'll have tonight - these pyramids are haunted. The truth is out there, and SLMLMbutok has it.

Listening to this after Halloween night? Just because Halloween is one night a year, doesn't mean the spooky and scary things go away!

Pleasant screams.

Produced by Sasha Zazzi
IT and Technical Development provided by PodcastDaddy
Advisory Members: Summer Sanders & Ashleigh Walls

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