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Aug 20, 2018

On this week's 'pode, Katie and Sasha get into the failed MLM "BurnLounge" that was branded as a pyramid scheme several years ago, only looking to start "BurnLounge 3.0" up soon. (Maybe. And maybe we can milk another episode out of this disaster.) "BurnLounge" was like owning an iTunes franchise - except you got paid in "burn points" instead of cash, until you paid to go up to the highest level, "Mogul" at $430. (Even then, for each 99 song that was downloaded off your website, reps would only receive 5c.) This ambitious MLM said it would combine "iTunes, Ebay, Myspace, and Netflix." It's no surprise it was illegal af. Give it a listen and let us know what you think, 'cause this is one of the worst ones we've discovered.

We are the first and only anti-MLM podcast. We are completely against the predatory nature of multi-level-marketing schemes, and we are part of the Anti MLM Coalition and the #AntiMLMmovement. Things may be portrayed in a humorous light, but we take consumer advocacy very seriously. If you are in an MLM, there are ways to get out. We promise.

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Music featured:
Ryan Little - Kick Push 
[name redacted] - Gettin' Really High, Gettin' Really Drunk (opener for Afroman concert)
Let's All Go to the Lobby 
The Original Keyboard Cat (press F to pay respects) 
Desired - Sayonara 

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Other Suggested Media
Chromeo album, "Head Over Heels"  (Dave1 winked and smiled at Sasha at a show once.)
Van Morrison - And it Stoned Me 
Midnight Pulp : cheesy horror and exploitation films

And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like Jelly Roll
And it stoned me
And it stoned me to my soul
Stoned me just like goin' home
And it stoned me

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